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Article 1. Definition
The Rogelio Sinán Library of the de la Universidad Latina de Panamá is a resource center for knowledge, teaching, research and activities related with the functioning and administration of the University as a whole.
Article 2. Objectives:
The Library’s mission is to facilitate access and transmision of information resources, and help to achieve the objectives of the University.
Artícle 3. Functions
Functions of the Library include the following:
a. Acquire, process, keep and transmit bibliographical material and resources of the Universidad Latina de Panamá according to current norms and protocols.
b. Guarante the knowledge and use of the bibliographical material and information accessible through licenses.
c. Integrate into information networks and systems that would promote the objectives previouslu mentioned.
d. Tend to the information needs of the college community in their fields of study
e. Acquire, develop, process, keep and transmit the bibliographic material according to the needs of study, teaching and research in their fields of study.
f. Tend to the user’s formation.
g. Catalogue, index and classify documents
h. Perform and facilitate the user’s consultation of national and international databases in any type of support.
i. Manage the maintainance and up grading of the Library’s web page in coordination with the Automation Unit.
Article 4. Schedule
The Schedule of the Rogelio Sinan Library is as follows:
Monday to Friday 7:30a.m. a 10:30p.m.
Saturday8:00a.m. a 5:00p.m.
Article 5. Automation Unit
The Automation Unit will perform the following functions:
a. Manage and maintain the automation system of the Library with the help of the Technology Department.
b. Management of the information products and new technologies applicable to the Library’s needs and objectives.
c. Coordination with the Technical Support Department for the up grading of the web page.
Article 6. Users
The following would be considered as users:
a. All students of the Main Campus and Regional Branches
b. Faculty
c. Administrative personell
d. Other Centers and Institutions in Interlibrary Loan Agreements
e. High school students
f. General public
5.1 Requirements:
a. Students must present there current student I.D. The student I.D. is valid for a quarterly period.
b. When the student forgets his or her I.D., the registration receit of the current quarterly period and a picture I.D. must be presented for consultation or loans.
c. A student who lends his or her student I.D. to another student is responsible for the material requested by the person or student with the I.D., and also for the amount of the penalty in case of any.
Article 7. Type of services offered to users
Services in the Library in the Universidad Latina de Panamá can be grouped in the following areas:
a. Access to the document
b. Access to information
c. User training
d. Library extension
Article 8. Access to the document
Arti. 8.1. Access to the document is a group of services destined to facilitate the user’s access to bibliographic material of interest, both in their original or copy.
Art. 8.2. Access to the document includes the following services:
a. Consultation in the hall
b. Domicile loan
b.1 Most of the books in the Library can be requested in domicile loan, with the only requirement of presenting a current library identification carnet. The domicile loan is subject to some norms which rule both the time of extension of the loan and the number of books loaned. These regulations are available in all the libraries.
b.2 Excluded from the book loan services are reference books (encyclopedias,
dictionaries, almanacs, etc.), special value, periodicals and special material, as well as any other material the library may determine.
c. Interlibrary loan
d. Reproduction of documents
e. Online access to the document
Article 9. User training
The objective of user training is to teach the college ommunity to use more effictivelly the Library in the Universidad Latina and its information resources. To accomplish this objective there are printed documents and electronic information that describe the services.
Article 10. Library Extension
Library extension seeks to transmit to the college community and society in general the bibliographical material and the activities of the library of the Universidad Latina by any means considered appropriate.
Article 11. Book Loan and Consultation
a. Users are allowed to take books from the library in loan. This service is reserved for weekends. A users may request a maximum of three (3) books to be returned on Monday until 6:00 p.m. Failure to turn in the book or books on the scheduled date will result in a fine.
b. If a month goes by and the user does not return the book, the library will charge the user with the price of a new book plus the fine.
c. A users can request up to three books in consultation.
d. For book consultation there is a time limit of 24 hours, counted from the momento the book is requested. The user falls into penlaty when he / she fails to return the book on time.
e. Thesis, research projects, internship reports can be consulted in the hall only.
Article 12. Penalties
a. For each day of incorrect possession of reference boox such as dictionaries, yearly books, encyclopedias, etc., there will be a $10.00 penalty fine per day, and a written notification to the dean of the corresponding college. In case of lost of the material, the user shall pay for the photocopy and “empaste” of the material.
b. Thesis, research projects and internship reports are considered reference material, therefore, they will have a $10.00 penalty per each material.
c. To return books in penalty, the user shall approach the Library where a debit letter will be issued and shall be paid in the Cashier Department. The user then shows the receit and gets back the user’s identification.
d. Regular reference books pay a penalty of $1.00 per book per day.
Article 13. Behavior Regulations
In order to offer a pleasant and propper place for study and research, users shall follow the following behavior inside the library:
a. There shall be silence in the reading hall. Not complying with this regulation will translate in the user’s expelling from the hall by the library’s personnel.
b. It is expected for each user no to interfere with the other user’s work.
c. It is prohibited to place folders or other objects on the reading hall’s tables for more than 20 minutes.
d. It is prohibited to smoke.
e. Food and drinks are prohibited inside the reading hall.
f. Users shall hadle the publications and material in a propper way, not writing or making anotation on the material, as well as marking the edges of the pages, etc.
g. It is prohibited the use of cellular phones in the reading hall
h. Library personnel may prohibit access to the reading hall to any user who does not comply with any of the behavior regulations.
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