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 Rogelio Sinán Library: Background

The Rogelio Sinan Library of the Universidad Latina de Panamá, was inaugurated on December 3, 1993, at a place located on 74th. street in the vicinity of San Francisco. The library remained there until 1996, when it was moved to the bankin district, on the Ricardo Arias and3rd. Sotuh Avenues. On January 7, 2001 the Library was moved to its new building located 200 meters away from the Ricardo J. Alfaro Avenue, in the vicinity of Nueva Castilla and Aragon street.
In that so special date of 1993, the protocolar honor of inaugurating the library was deferred to an honorable writer and poet, greatest exposer of the Panamanian and Latinamerican literature in diverse genre: Don Rogelio Sinán.
Master Sinan began the vanguardist movement in Panama around the decade of the thirties. He was awarded with several distinctions in many countries of Latinamerica, making a name of his own and for his homeland in all antologies published in recent years.
Today, we take pride in naming our library “Rogelio Sinán”, and to be the place where men and women in search for knowledge find answers to thei inquiries, achieving an excelent professional inspiration.
The Rogelio Sinán Library has evolved and acquired new services, thanks to innovation and the new concept of service approached by librarian, which are consonous with today’s science and technology, important factors in the offering of services that would answer to society’s needs, demands and expectatives.
Currently, the Library has new orientation which translates in functional services, methods and objectives consonous with education, science and technology, and thus, the demands of the different type of users who visit the Library in search of up to date information.

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