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 Rogelio Sinán Library

Facilitate access to information resources and colaborate with knowledge creation processes in order to achieve the oUniversity’s objectives.


The Rogelio Sinan Library would be committed to the college community to offer efficient and competitive services according to the community’s needs. With services oriented to the different knowledge areas in an atmosphere of quiteness and wellbeing, in spaces available to recreate imagination and talent using state of the art technolgy as mechanism to produce knowledge.

  • To offer library services in the University, guaranteing its offer to the user in an efficient, uniform and prompt way.
  • To manage and plan library services according to the user’s and institution’s needs.
  • To introduce in a timely fashion new information technology advancements and transformation of scientific and technical knowledge.
  • To advise users on the effective use of the Library’s services in order to stimulate learning, research and transmission of culture and college extension.
  • To build representative collections of the different contents of human knowledge according to the study plans and research programs and culture transimission.
  • To assess the quality of service offered and establish permanent training, and professional development plans.
  • To inform the college community and society in general of the activities of the library and promote the quality of services offered.
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