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The most important service the library has is to offer access to its users to information through books, magazines, data bases, etc., available on the Main Campus and Regional Branches, guiding them and/or offering them bibliographic material, references and relevant audiovisual aids, according to the user’s needs and at the same time develop in the user abilities and skills in the search for information.
Services in the Library in the Universidad Latina de Panamá can be grouped in the following areas:

  • Reading hall : The library has an ample hall that allows the user to consult document they need in a completely comfortable area. Also, the hall has wireless Internet access in order for users to make the best use of the web.
  • Web page ( Throug this page you can consult the online catalog. It also offers information about different sites and web pages of interest.
  • Telephone Consultation: Offers telephone advisory about the availability of bibliographical material and Internet serach guidance.
  • Photocopying: There is an autoservice copying machine for users to reproduce necessary documents.
  • Bibliographic Searches: Access to the online catalog allows to know the different document available in the Main Campus and Regional Branches.
  • Reference: There is an ample variety of reference books available such as: encyclopedias, dictionaries, directories, atlasses, statistical yearly book and others.
  • Visitas Guiadas: Se programan visitas por parte de colegios para dar a conocer el servicio y el acervo bibliográfico con que cuenta la biblioteca.
  • Virtual Resources:
      • Judicial Encyclopedia: with judicial files, official gacets and codes.
    • E--libro ( ):
      • Allows the library to offer multi-access to user to a great volume of books and other documents in digital format, using advanced tools for research work.
      • Sites of Interest: museums, libraries, bookstores, international organisms, literature sites, local newspapers, software for transportation systems, governmentals institutions, interactive taxes, exporters directory, computer audit and security.
 General Information
  • Users of the Rogelio Sinan Library are students, faculty, administrative staff, students from other universities and investigators.
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