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 Diplomat Course in Labor Competencies, their Impact in Productivity and Competitiveness

Name of the Event:   Diplomat Course in Labor Competencies, their Impact in Productivity and Competitiveness – 2nd promotion

Date:                January 17 to May 9, 2006
Schedule:      Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:00 to 10:00 p.m. (112 hours)
This course offers to professional of Human Talent the necessary tools to define and take advantage of the competencies of its participants to produce goods and quality services that woulr respond satisfactorilly to user’s and costumer’s demands and their capacity to generate and capitalize on opportunities. Entrepreneurial success of highly competitive and productive enterprises is linked  to the competencies of its integrants to “do what needs to be done, do it well at the right momento.” This is not a hereditary hability nor an improvized skills; it is obtained and developed once identified based on the knowledge, skills, values, attitudes and experience acquired by each person in different contexts.

  • To know and value the new tendencies of Human Talent Management in organizations to identify and project the competencies required by the work environment.
  • To differentiate concepts, principles, elements and processes of the labor competencies general system and take them to a strategic planning of human talent in organizations with specific results.
  • To monitor the development of people in the different processes of human talent management, and thus, project follow up and continuous education plans.

Addressed to: Human Resources Directors, Supervisors, Chief of Departments, Organization Analysts, Personnel recruiters, Administrative and Operational Managers, Human Resources professionals, managers and all those who would like to leader and create highly efficienty work groups.

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