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  Augusto A. Corro, MBA - Dean of the College


  • Master’s Degree in Business Administration and Managing (Universidad Latina de Panama)
  • Post Graduate Degree in High Management - (Universidad Latina de Panama).
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Finance (Universidad Santa Maria La Antigua).

“Restructuring and Strategic Planning of Creaciones Corro, S.A.”

  • Strategic planning to enter the corporative and industrial client market in the manufacturing of uniforms industry.
  • Development of a personalized system for Panamanian Executives. Creaciones Corro, S.A.

“Business Plan for Car Hobbies Inc. – Auto Depot” 

  • Entrepreneurial and Financial Consultant of the Entrepreneurial Project located in Auto Depot dedicated to sound system installation and sale of hobby and pastime articles.

“Design and preparation of Study Plans”

  • Field Research and search for the necessity of new careers for Universidad Latina such as: Financial, Banking and International Business Management / Financial Engineering and Associate Degree Programs.


- Administrative Director - Creaciones Corro, S.A.
Tasks: Management, control and supervision of the factory’s operations, such as: product quality control; supervise the client’s relationships with the corporative clients; check the legal conditions and commitments in which the company engages for the development of the manufacturing of uniform projects, and mainly; to  keep the flow of cash of the company.

-Budget Analyst - Aseguradora Mundial Insurance Company
Duties: Prepare and control the organization’s budget operations through guidance parameters and established processes in general policies for the management of a budget. Analysis of the funds managements, leasing and assets purchase which the organization would acquire, getting a maximum of resources and investments in assets that would be performed.
-Accountant Assistant  -Arosemena, Noriega y Contreras
Duties: Management of the accounting cycle, registration and presentation of financial statements from affiliates; control and management of the account receivable, taxes and cash.


Associate in Enterprise Development: Develop your own business. - EMPRETEC – UNIVERSIDAD LATINA DE PANAMA
Everything about the stock market - SAAM CONSULTING
Management of Financial Risks - LOUISVILLE UNVERSITY

  Gisela César, MBA – Accountancy and Audit Coordinator / National – International Internship Program


  • B.S. in Accountancy – Authorized Public Accountant Certification No. 1811
  • M.B.A. with emphasis in Banking and Finance
  • Computer Programming Minor
  • Law and Political Sciences – In progress


  • Reengineering Project of the B.S. in Accountancy and Audit
  • Post Graduate and Master’s Degree Project in Accountancy and General Audit and Post Graduate and Master’s Degree in Computer Audit
  • Associate Degrees in Financial International Regulations; Taxes; and ABC
  • Design the Bylaws for National and International Internship.

Work Experience:

  • RICARDO PEREZ Corp. – Administrative Supervisor
  • Servicios Combinados de Panama – Administrative Manager
  • Aseguradora Mundial de Panama – Payroll Chief

Courses and Seminars:

  • Continuous Education Courses for Teachers – University of Panama
  • Teaching course for Managerial Level; Training Trainers – CESA FUNDES.
  • Instructor at different training seminars in governmental institutions
  • APEDE Curses: Administrative Organization; Social Security and Economic Compensations; Administrative Budget


  Autrey Tapia, MBA – Marketing and Human Resources Coordinator

Autrey Tapia, MBA – Marketing and Human Resources Coordinator

  • M.B.A. with emphasis in Strategic Management

 (Universidad Interamericana de Panamá)

  • Post-Graduate Degree in High Management (Universidad Interamericana de Panamá)
  • B.S. in Economy (Universidad de Panamá)


  • Assessment of the Microfilm Process of the Property Registry of the Public Registry (including the duties manual and Computer Department) – Consultant of the Public Registry
  • Restructuring and Development of the Organizational Policies – Consultant Continental Bank
  • Program “Endeavoring Spirit.” Modules: Entrepreneurial Creativity, Formation of Leaders, Professional Image, Professional Ethics and Values - Universidad Latina de Panama

Work History

  •   Consultant of the Data Automation Program (University of Panama)
    • Duties: Implementation of the alumni student’s data automation of the University of Panama for the years 1950-2000
    • Provost – University of Panama
  • E-Business Technological Consultant
    • Technology Trenes
    • Duties: Customer Relationship Management Specialist for network security and administrative security
  • Banking and Commerce Technological Consultant
    • Duties: Technological solutions for the banking, commercial and governmental sectors


  • Organizational Consultant and Associate Instructor in Costumer Service - The Corporate University - Clayton
  Omar Fanovich – Applied Entrepreneurial Development Institute Coordinator (IDEA)


  • M:B.A. with emphasis in Banking and Finance (Universidad Latina de Panamá).
  • Post Graduate Degree in Project Formulation and Assessment (Universidad de Panamá).
  • Post Graduate Degree in Computer Economy and Higher Education (Universidad Mayor of San Andrés, La Paz, Bolivia).
  • B.S. in Economy (University of Panama).


  • Development of the Computerized Costs System – Shahani Ltd.
  • Development of the New Research Structure at Universidad Latina de Panamá.
  • Ruta Project Consultant – Ministry of Agriculture & Interamerican Development Bank
  • Development of the Programming Structure of the Computer System for Agricultural Production


  • Panamanian Consul and Cultural Attaché – Panamanian Embassy in Bolivia.
  • Coordinator of the Research and Development Unit (Universidad Latina de Panamá).
  • Chief of Costs of the Industrial Sector (Shahani Ltd.)
  • Faculty at Mayor San Andres University, La Paz, Bolivia – Post Graduate Degree in Computer Economy and research Methodology
  • Faculty at the University of Panama / Universidad Latina de Panama –Statistics I & II and Project Formulation and Assessment


  • Export Management
  • International Trade Specialist
  • Diplomatic Training Course
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