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Dearest greetings on behalf of the students and faculty members of the Computer Science and Telecommunications Collage. We feel very proud and great satisfaction in knowing you have selected this University to begin one of the most important stages of your lives.
By registering at Latina, you become part of it. And you do it by exercising the irrevocable right of all the Panamanian youth: access to higher education by choice. This free selection brings forth also the commitment that society has embedded upon Universidad Latina, in the conviction that ideas and proposals will emerge which would help in the country’s development and well-being of all the countrymen.
Together we shall strive for you to attain, during the course of your chosen careers, a preparation not only as highly qualified professionals, but also, and specially nowadays, as citizens committed to society, with a deep ethical sense.
Today, I would like to wish you the best in your studies. I hope you enjoy your university life and the daily interchange with classmates and faculties; but above all, I would like, in the near future, to farewell young creative professional committed to the country; capable of generating employment and contribute with the economic and social growth. I would like to farewell research professional capable of producing the knowledge and technology the country needs for its development; qualified teachers to instruct and help in the growth of those who need it the most. In all an everyone of you I would like to farewell qualified leader who would manage institutions with honesty and integrity...I expect to find graduate students willing to dream about a better country and to work thoroughly to fulfill that dream.

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