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To contribute with the technological advancement of society, developing and training an  up-to-date human resource, specialized in technical areas within a quality atmosphere with moral and civic values and peace, through an orientation and formation process executed by a highly qualified teaching staff.


The Computer Science and Telecommunication College will position itself as a college which promotes:

  • The student’s participation as a group within the University and the integral development of his/her personality.
  • The training of a student as a responsible and competent professional with leadership skills capable of performing a task with the proper equipment, being able to develop and transfer the necessary technology in the different activities in which his/her institution or organization evolves.

The students performance as a technological services transferor within the realm of technical areas, combining the academic activity with the entrepreneurial, thus, generating meaningful contributions to Society.


 General Objectives


 Especific Objectives
  • To develop an up-to-date and dynamic training that would allow the use of new technologies.
  • To put into action an academically modern administrative model, flexible and functional that would strengthen the college’s academic programs and activities.
  • To nurture ideals of peace, progress and quality to contribute with the changes our society demands.
  • To determine the characteristic of the University-Company relation in innovation through the real awareness of the role that the College plays in the process of enhancing a company.
  • To establish a relation that could arise between the type of enterprise, in size and type of activity as well as location with I+D activity performed within the college, as a response to those company’s demands; along with the research offer of the College itself.
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