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To train health professional able to perform competitively before the conditions and challenges of the surrounding, in order to contribute with the solution of society’s health problems, analyzing the socio-epidemiological reality and fostering the participation of the social actors in the transformation of different scenarios.


To become an academic alternative for the Health Sciences area both nationally and internationally, characterized by strong and ample academic offer, supported by high quality human resources and technology in order to guarantee the training of competitive and efficient Health Professionals, with acquisition of knowledge of the sciences and technology, and based on the best human values.


  1. Objectives

    1. To train highly qualified health professionals capable of participating in the scientific and technological development of the country and world’s  health.  
    2. To contribute with the development of health centers in Panama and any other country in the cultural, teaching and research areas; making the best use of scientific installations and services available.  
    3. To prepare health professionals with an integral vision as an individual; that is, considering the biological, social and psychological aspects of the patient, with a strong scientific and technological support, capable of facing the globalization and developmental changes of the health profession.
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