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To prepare integrally English specialists, Human behavior Sciences and Tourist Sciences to answer to individual, organizational and community needs in order to contribute with the human development and the quality of life in a national and global context.


Leader in training of integral professionals of social sciences who carry with them an innovative and research-oriented spirit, which with the help of English as professional language and state of the art technology, cause a positive and meaningful impact in all areas of human, organizational and social development.

 General Objectives

The fundamental objective of the Law and Political Sciences College is to prepare law professional capable of solving legal conflicts from a human perspective, preserving the rights and interests of their clients with ethical and moral principles which are required from the law professional.
The Law College goal is to contribute with the country’s development and enhance the quality of life of the Panamanian people through a unique university program with presence in our country, based on academic and professional excellence.

 Especific Objectives
  • To prepare professionals of law capable of working on legal conflicts, supported in legal rights, dignity and law.
  • To train a professional of law with a strong theoretical-practical foundations.
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