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Contributions to Society
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We believe that Universidad Latina de Panama has the obligation of being in permanent contact with society, offering university extension by projecting the result of its daily academic chores.

Student Affairs

It is important for education systems to be strengthen to face and meet the challenges in higher education. This is why Universidad Latina de Panama, in its role of change agent
before society and the world, must prepare integrally its student body, offering to them the adequate tools to be at the highest level of Labor Competitiveness, Professional and Humane.  
The importance of the students affairs unit takes a higher relevance in the daily development of the integral formation of the students at Universidad Latina.

Mission of the Students Affairs Unit

To promote human development and integral preparation of the students and participant through good relations with all the university’s departments, offering an optimums and quality student service in relation to society through academic support and extracurricular activities.

Vision of the Students Affairs Unit

To achieve an integral formation and academic excellency through the active participation of students and participants that would help in promoting human, scientific, ethic, social and technological values, allowing a permanent space in the growth and development of our education center.

General Objectives
  • To plan and organize student’s activities that would develop through out the school year.
  • To foster active participation of students in the different activities programmed
Specific Objectives
  • To develop programs and projects that would help in the integral formation of students.
  • To strengthen the existing student groups, folk dance groups, sport teams, choirs, theater groups, talent nights, painting expositions, etc.
  • To nurture ethic, moral, professional and social values in the students.
Programs and Projections of the Students Affairs Unit
  • Programs and projects that in one or other way would strengthen the solidary spirit, institutional values of the Universidad Latina.
  • Sports: intramural leagues of the sort: softball, soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis, chess, etc.
  • Cultural: theater, talent nights, artistic group presentation, paintings expositions, folkloric dance groups, etc.,
  • Social: training of leaders, first semester freshman induction ceremonies, student body meeting by college, promotion of moral values, academic tutoring and reinforcement, personal projection seminar, endeavoring spirit workshops, professional development, etc.
  • Others: workforce opportunities, community service and aid
College Community Service

The Universidad Latina de Panamá Bylaws in its Chapter VI, establishes that “Every student studying his final period of classes at the Minor, Teaching or Bachelor’s degree must complete a minimum of 150 hours of Community Service on a compulsory basis.”
Within the context, the College Community Service (TCU in Spanish) projects through our students to the community to strengthen the solidary spirit and to provide a solution to the problems of the Panamanian community in educational centers, foster houses, children hospices and orphanages, churches, hospitals and civic and social organization.


Professional Development

The Professional Development Program offers the student the necessary elements and philosophical basis of behavior or ethical-moral conduct in society, through an activity called “Highlighting Values,” which consists of each group highlighting institutional values either by means of videos, dramas, conferences, debates, etc; all addressing the following values: honesty, responsibility, respect, solidarity, tolerance, peace, national identity, freedom, friendship, etc.

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