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Message from the President - Magister Zonia Smith.

Universidad Latina de Panamá, honoring its slogan “Serious Commitment,” works arduously in the training of new professionals, offering a range of options which have allowed the University to place itself as worthy option in the Panamanian society, and to participate actively and efficiently in the scientific, technological and social transformations of the country, in a globalize context. Committed to education, promotion of values and the training of new and competitive professionals, Universidad Latina develops academic programs according to the needs of the labor market.

Aware of its responsibility in the fulfilling of educational duties, research and extensions, Universidad Latina de Panama takes as contextual frame the advancements is the scientific, humanistic, political, social and economic areas; and thus, responsibly works to provide a response to the demands of society.

Universidad Latina de Panamá, by being an autonomous and independent institution, fosters pluralism, diversity, dialogue and debate, critical thinking, tolerance, and respect for its member’s ideas, believes and values.

Similarly, we are committed with the country and the formation of citizens with a strong concept of professional excellence, aware of their social and civic responsibilities, focused on the analysis solution of the country’s main problems.

We are determined to continue opening new paths and new strategic alliances with the entrepreneurial and public sector, in search of the enhancement of the quality of higher education and the quality of life of the Panamanian citizens.

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