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Mission and Vision
Our Mission

Universidad Latina de Panama’s MISSION is to train integrally human resources through TEACHING, RESEARCH and EXTENSION to enhance human development and the quality of life of the Panamanian people.

Our Vision

To achieve ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE through the development and promotion of scientific, technological and humanist aspects as a permanent space for responses to the demands of social development.

Background History

Universidad Latina de Panama emerges from Universidad Latina de Costa Rica, which establishes in the locality of Paso Canoas in the Province of Puntarenas in 1989.

In May, 1992, a number of Panamanians obtained their Master’s Degree in Science of Education, from which the idea and interest of many professional of establishing a branch of Universidad Latina in Panamanian soil.

After performing the corresponding studies, on January 13, 1992, Universidad Latina de Panama begins academic operations on its Main Campus located in Panama City and the Regional branch in David, Province of Chiriquí.

Later, and considering the great appeal this new university had upon students, two new branches open in Santiago, Province of Veraguas, which began operations on September 7, 1992; and in Chitre, Province of Herrera, which began operation on January 17, 1994.

Similarly, with the goal of offering the Panamanian youth the best alternatives to undertake their higher education, Universidad Latina de Panamá opens its Medical Sciences and Health College on September 26, 1999, as one of its priority programs.

Legal Foundation

The Ministry of Education of the Republic of Panama, through Decree No. 606 of September 4, 1991, authorizes the opening and functioning of Universidad Latina de Panamá, as well as the bachelor and postgraduate programs taught in the University. The afore-mentioned decree establishes the recognition conferred upon the titles issued by Universidad Latina de Panama.


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