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Used by Name Description
All Colleges MS Word Used to create common documents, web document, e-mail and printable documents.
MS Excel Offers improved diagrams and tools for complex analysis to create financial and scientific worksheets.
MS Powerpoint Tool for the preparation of presentation and transparencies; it also allows the easy creation of web pages.
MS Publisher It is an entrepreneurial auto editing program which allows the user to create easily marketing material, business cards, cards in general, calendars, brochures, bulletins, etc.
MS Proyect Application for the administration of projects that allows the users the necessary flexibility to plan and perform follows up of projects at the same time.
ELLIS Una completa solución mejorada para la enseñanza del Inglés. Con cientos de horas de instrucción, Ellis Academic 3.2 combina audio y videos digitales, grabación de voz, caracterización interactiva de personajes y ayuda en el idioma del usuario con el fin de crear un ambiente agradable basado en investigaciones para cada nivel de estudio del inglés
College of Computer Sciences and Telecommunication
MS Access It is software used for database automation, writing its own functions and procedures, personalize menus and tool bars, along with connectivity to Web applications.
Ms Visio Sketching motor based in models for the creation of diagrams for information technology professionals, design and flowchart sketching, and organigrams.
MS FrontPage Tool for the administration and creation of Web Sites.
MS Visual Basic Very productive computer programming visual language based in objects which facilitates the development of high performance applications, oriented towards the creation of Windows programs.
MS Visual C++ A high level language based in functions that allows structured developments, integrated surrounding of development that allows computer programming oriented to objects (POO) in conjunction with the development system SDK (also called API) from Windows
Turbo C Computer programming in C language
Java, Fortran y C++ Developmental application tools on a Unix platform
Microsoft SQL Server Database management (Server)
Sybase Adaptive Server Database management (server)
Sybase Power Builder Application that allows greater productivity through heterogeneous atmospheres; it offers help for J2EE and and design integration, molding, development, display and management.
Sybase Power Designer Application Suite from Powersoft for the construction, design and data molding through different applications.
Sybase SQL Anywhere Database management
Autocad Program used for computer-assisted architectonic design. One of the advantages of this program is its open architecture, which allows the user to personalize all its options
Matlab Computer surrounding and applications development fully integrated, oriented to perform projects where there are involved high mathematical calculations and their visual graphs. This software combines numerical analysis, matrix calculation, signal processing and graphic visualization
EEPROM Software Software that records information in EEPROM
Apache Apache Server is the service that is in charge of solving the Internet pages of the clients using the http Internet protocol.
Tomcat A server, which holds Servlets with a JSP surrounding, execution shell, that handles and calls servlets on behalf of the users.
Tamino Database management and a means of storage for XML
JVM Aspect of the Java software specifically used for interaction in web pages that is added to the download of the Java software and helps JRE of Sun to perform Java applications.
College of Communication Sciences
Adobe Illustrator Brochure and pamphlet design
Adobe Photoshop Design and Editing of images
Adobe Page Maker Pamphlet, magazines design
Adobe Premiere 6.5 Video editing
Adobe Golive Web page creation
Quark Xpress 5 Magazines and newspaper diagramming
After Effects Video effects
Final Cut 3 Video editing
Macromedia Flash MX Web design
College of Social Sciences Selsoft System which constitute a powerful tool for personnel selection since it not only facilitates the psychological traits of the candidate, but also makes an automatic selection of candidates once introduced the required profile for the position into the computer
SuiteZUN Program which manages all the processes that take place in a hotel
Administrative and Economic Sciences College and Center for Post Graduate Studies
SAS Tool for statistical calculations, which goes from the simple exploration of data to the advanced model. This software can deliver analytical results to all users and lead to decision-making based on facts.
Business Object Offers the systems administrator an integral group of tools for monitoring, management and automation of the Business Intelligence Infrastructure by providing both the centralized management of users and objects, as well as the performance monitoring necessary to achieve high performance levels.
Apoyo Manager’s tools, which facilitates the analysis of variables and decision-making.
MYOB Full management of the accounting cycle
College of Law and Political Sciences
INFOLEG Access and processing of the Judicial files of the Republic


Consultation of the National Codes, Judicial Files and Official Gacet
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