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 Videoconference Room

It is used to develop videoconferences, which have been of great impact on the students and the community in general. Also, it is a direct communication channel with the Regional Branches of the University to strengthen their programs and reinforce teamwork, among other issues

Videoconference Room

The videoconference room holds 90 people and it is specially equipped and conditioned with acoustic sound, illumination, and color to offer an adequate ambiance for this type of events.


 Control Room

Here we find the videoconference equipment such as the video switcher, audio console, a computer and a telephone. All this equipment contributes with the development of a videoconference.



Consola de Control

Videoconference Equipment

Videoconference Equipment, VS4000  Polycom. It allows connection to 4 sites.



MGC-50: multipoint equipment used for videoconferences; it allows connection to 12 sites.


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