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  Graphic Design for Television

With the forthcoming of cable television also brings rivalry because the increased amount of options and choices presented to viewers. 

Before this, there was no worrying about measuring audiences (target).

However, what would happen if nowadays we eliminated all distinctive signs or visual identity of television channels? Would the viewers be confused or not? Taking into consideration that many channels have similar formats and programming.

This is why graphic design, now a day, performs an important part in the television industry since the visual image elaboration of each television channel is the result of the use of a Wide range of graphic elements that help the television viewers to immediately identify the channel of their preference.
Therefore:  that the identity of a television company may work or not will depend on the correct usage of the graphics (which is nothing more than the result of the graphic design that has been Developed).

At the end of the visual image creation of a television company must be able to communicate the specific message to determined groups.  With the elaboration of the visual identity of the channel, the graphic designer solves a communication problem:  the identification and differentiation from other channels. 

The graphic designer must have an objective criterion, free of reasoning involved with aesthetics, fashion or with his personal taste. Should lean towards the television needs, take into consideration, the public to which it will be directed to and observe that the open television, segments audiences by schedules, among other things.

It should obtain an image containing all necessary elements, no more no less (little says a lot). Also these should be pleasant in order to set in the viewer’s minds.

The communication must be very clear; therefore it is not permitted to change what has been established in the manual (which will be created when the development of the image is complete). 

To make the image look different from those of all the other channels, it should be original with a potent visual and emotional impact. In addition to being flexible and out of season in order for it to be everlasting, it must adapt to different uses contemplated in the manual.

It must be credible, reliable and loved by the public in order to establish an emotional link with the spectator.

Once the channel’s image is constructed, a manual, where the norms and correct use of the elements involved in the its graphic designing must be elaborated. 

The image must consolidate by means of continuity, which refers to the constant application of the identity created, which will allow the spectator to adopt the visual image.

This identity consist of 4 areas of importance which are the following:

- Parts which Identifies the Channel (main ID, campaign ID, special ID) (Labels) 

- Promotions: Shows the identity and sells on air programming (Ex. Promos Opening and closings {look pack}, Billboards (announces upcoming programs), we will be right back and we are back, the angles or corners (channel logo generally stays and eventually someone burned to promote the programming among others. 

- The Marquee:  Used to delimit the thematic zones and handling of channel programming schedules (on occasions).

- The Graphics in Nationally Produced Programs: Must have in mind quality standards and the style handled in the channel’s image.

It is also necessary to propose a graphic color palette, where the palette is established and other graphic elements (perhaps geometrical figures, etc.) and printing to uniform the screen.

The graphic design job represents the visual experience because equilibrium is obtained through the intuitive space relation of objects / elements and colors used while composing.

At all times we must consider that all forms perceived the spectator is a result of the reciprocity that exists between the material presented and the nervous system of the viewer. 

Therefore all diverse emotions that are awaken in the television viewer, are taken into consideration for an optimum development of what we want to transmit in a limited time space, as that of Television…..

Reason for which we should not forget the color psychologically influences sensations (sadness, happiness, heaviness, lightness, heat or cold) and emotions (relationships, affectionate, subjective or objective).

When using the image created for the Channel we must consider that all the variables and changes are related to the established graphic elements designed established in the development of it are part of the visual image which the public will identify and not as the channel.  We must remember that it should be easy to identify and should also differenced by its originality from the others that are his competitors for which we should follow the norms (continuity) indicated in the manual, in order to reach the main objective, A Channel with the most solid visual image.


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