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  Rules of use and policies of security of the user for the service of electronic mail

The following document contains the Conditions of the Service of Electronic mail of ULATINA.Se recommends to consider the Rules and Restrictions, as well as the Rights like users so that they can make a better use of the Service, who will benefit so much to the institution as to the User.

  Rules of Use
  1. Nature of the Service: The Service of Mail of ULATINA is directed towards the students, educational and personal administrative of the University, it is of strictly academic and labor use. The service is based on allowing the user to make connections IMAP (So'lo Administrativos) and POP3 (Todos) to read and to obtain its messages of mail from any point in Internet.

    Use of this for political, commercial aims will not be due to do or of another Hindu to him that they are not the expressed ones above.

    This service will not have to be used to send asked for Spam or messages nor not to send obscene and illegal material either.

    The service cannot nor must be resold or rented to third, this lack carries the partial or total suspension of the access to certain services.

  2. Restrictions:

    1. Messages: The service of mail allows to send annexed archives (attachments) dehasta 6 MB using a client of mail (Outlook, Eudora, Netscape) and of up to 3 MB using the interface Web in:

    2. Messages Sent, Eliminated and Mailboxes: One inquires to them to the users who the service of mail will allow to store messages eliminated in the Trash folder (Waste basket) up to 1 week, that is to say, every week will automatically eliminate all the messages in the Trash of the users; for which it is requested to them that they take the measures from the case.

      The sent messages are kept automatically in the servant (only in the case of using IMAP or Latinamail), but will be eliminated every 2 weeks reason why it is asked the users to take the pertinent measures.

    3. Quota: The administrative mailboxes do not have defined quota.

      The mailboxes of students and professors have a Maxima quota of up to 6 MB by user, therefore, the user will have to so eliminate periodically the read messages of way that he does not exceed that quota. The administrator will send a warning message to him whenever he is next to overflow the imposed quota. If the User pays neglectful attention to the message to warning, the administrator will block the account of the user and the excessive space could solely be reactivated when releasing.

    4. Usuary chains and Manifold: The shipment of chains of usuary messages IS PROHIBITED fomenting amúltiples, or sending or reenviando this class of messages.

      It is possible to be sent usuary messages to manifold whenever they do not exceed the number of 10.El breach of this norm, will have like consequence a warning message and to persist, the blockade of the account of the User. If for reasons of labor necessity or in special cases, it needs to send massive messages to user groups, please it contacts with the Technical Support so that it provides access to him to another type on watch (Servant of Lists of Interest).

  3. Privacy: The Administrator of the Service of Mail ULATINA will not be able to intercept, to publish, to monitorear or to eliminate no message of mail of any user, except for express authorization of this or its superior one, or in the following cases:
    • - the user has incurred illegal acts
      - express Requirement of Police or Judicial Authorities.
      - to identify or to solve technical problems
      - the message jeopardizes the normal operation of the service.

    The Administrator of the System is the only person who could possibly have access to the messages of the users solely and in the referred cases above.

  Politicas of security of the user


The password is secret and otrapersona does not have to be trusted to any. Not to share it so that some stranger can use it to send messages with other intentions. The Latin University of Panama does not become person in charge by the use that the end user him of a this account of electronic mail.


Extension tries not to unload archives exe, vbs, avi, protectors of screen, etc. that not comes from user known, because although it is probable that they are not virus, can be harmful programs. In these cases, it is recommended to them to erase the message immediately. In case of receiving a message under virus suspicion, it contacts to Technical Support. It is tacitly understood accepted the RULES OF USE and the POLITICAS OF SECURITY when receiving this message.

Any Reclamation, Consultation or Suggestion, please to make it arrive at the Administrator of System a,

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