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Since we are under continuous threat from viruses and the sophistication levels implemented to spread these, it has become necessary to support the traditional work of anti-virus programs, with the development of a culture to safeguard the active information it represents.  When our workstations are infected with virus, productivity is reduced, which is translated into lack of service availability and therefore economic lost that certainly evidences the danger of this matter.

Recommended Process to prevent virus problems:
  • Use the anti-virus required by Universidad Latina, the supported anti-virus Hill be available within the Universidad Latina site.  Download and install the latest anti-virus version, update the last pattern and available motive.
  • Never open files or macros attached to mails neither from unknown or suspicious addresses nor from a non reliable source.  Delete attached files immediately, and then delete once again to empty your recycle bin.    
  • Erase spam, chain letters and any other junk mail.  Do not resend these.  Read Policies of Acceptable Use.
  • Never download files from unknown sites or suspicious sources
  • Avoid sharing disks directly from the computer with read / write permission, mines it is extremely necessary for the existence of a business requirement. 
  • Always check the flex disk unit, removable disks or memory flash, with the anti-virus before using.
  • Back up every critical information and system configuration on a regular basis and store information in a safe place.
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