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 Video streaming Reservation
 Rules for Reserving the Streaming

1.  Timing for accepting requests.  If the event is not on University facilities, requests should be made at least 15 days in advance prior to the presentation.  In such cases, we cannot confirm service availability due to the absence of installations or adequate technical resources in the room.  If the even is held within the University facilities, it should be requested 7 days in advanced.

2. There are certain criteria that define which events are acceptable to be transmitted on video streaming (these rules are the same for on demand video):

  • In the event, that there is an International Speaker in Panama
  • If a professor has assisted to any seminar or course that he wishes his colleagues and co-workers to benefit from it. 
  • Events or University fairs and its different faculties.
  • If there is any event where a significant donation is made to the University 
  • Semi in-site and distant education

3. As a general rule all events will be performed, in full, with the available technical resources.  The use of external elements, such as portable computers or other devices, has to be informed and checked during all corresponding practices, with the purpose of determining the compatibility with the room equipment.

 Recording and Publication Act.

If you wish to digitalize an activity for future distribution on the University’s network, you must submit a written copy of the signed publication acceptance along with the request. Digitalization is done based on an edited video by Production, in this manner it should be requested by the recording and editing department of such video.  The digitalization process will be done 5 days after receiving the video in Production.  The contact person will receive a confirmation and instructions on how to stream the digitalized video.

 Request Form for Video Streaming and On Demand Video
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