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  Use of the Multimedia Classroom
  Equipment that composes a hall multimedia.

In the halls multimedia there are 2 installed equipment:

  1. Projector Multimedia
  2. Computer with their mouse and keyboard

In addition to these equipment in all the halls multimedia will be able to do use of the Electronic Slate or "mimio". These equipment properly is formed to perfectly work the one with the other.


All the Halls classes already have the installed equipment. For the laboratories, they will have to be to ask for them (ahead of time) in 2do or ér floor to the Technological Assistants.

The Electronic Boards or "mimio" and their porthole pilots also will have to ask for them with the Technological Assistants.

Rules for its use (Procedures, duties, responsibilities and rights)

  • Exclusively for The equipment in the halls is exhibitions and they do not have to be used to make works.
  • Suitable The uses of Internet in the equipment is subject to such lineamientos that plows used for the calculation laboratories.
  • Optimal The equipment is formed to work of form the one with the to other; reason why the uses of to another to computer will not be allowed unless the request in writing with AT least 1(una) week there are become of anticipation.
  • Professor If some is not using the Projector Multimedia, will have to pleases it in Stand-By under that hours of life of the lamp plows not consumed.
  • Under circumstance there am no will pleases papers or to another object to him that the light beam obstructs.
  • Programs in the computers without the authorization of the Technological Assistants plows not due to install.
  • The floor Personnel In charge of each will have to ask the for Professor who asked an equipment to him that signs the Form of Control, in addition must inform to him that there am cannot retires of the hall classes without to have given the equipment under ace received it and firmarel Form of Control.
  • Any device or piece that makes lack of an equipment of hall classes that there are disappeared AT the moment that to professor went of the hall classes without informing to the One in charge of Floor will be direct responsibility of the Professor and will have to become position of the cost of the same one.
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