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 Request for Technical Equipment

At the auditorium you may find the following equipment on a permanent basis:

  • 1 CPU with Zip unit and CD-ROM, Internet which is on the back and it is used to Project with the Data show
  • 1 Data show which is found on the ceiling with cable connections RGB, RCA, y S-Video
  • 1 Remote Control for the Data show

Following there is a list of possible events that may take place and scheduled timing in which they should be requested.
Normal Events (Only for PowerPoint presentations, without additional Laptops):
We should be informed of all the requirements with at least 2 days in advanced.  The presentations and their order should be sent to us via E-Mail to at least 1 day in advance.  If you are unable to send it by this means, lecturers or presenters should have us receive them at least 3 hours prior to the event.  Presentations must be done in any form of Office 2000 application.
Semi – Special Events: (Presentations in PowerPoint, additional Laptops, Internet, special programs):
These events usually require the use of Internet, Office or a special program and keyboard, for which a laptop will be placed on the podium for those who might require to use it.
We should be informed at least 2 weeks in advance. Generally, there will be a University own laptop placed on the podium from which presentations may be read or navigate Internet easily. If the speaker brings his/her own laptop, the equipment should be hand in to a tech support staff member at least 2 hours prior to the event,  to configure the screen and for final procedures. Laptops should have an RGB video output with 15-pins standard or digital video, for which a converter will be used.
Important: If there is an existing special program to be used with our laptops and not the Speaker’s, such program, along with a requirement page shall be sent to technical support staff at least 1 week in advance.
Special Events: (Power Point Presentations, Additional Laptop and additional computer with specific software).
For these events, we must be informed, at least 1 month in advance and all requirements necessary for each equipment to be used must be indicated (Software,  S.O., etc), as well as what will be presented, how it is wanted to be seen and the order in which it should appear on the Auditorium Data Show.
Important: If there is a special program to be used with our laptops and not that of the Speaker, said program along with the requirements sheet must be sent to the technical support personnel with all of the above.

 Portable Equipments

For Professors and Students use, we have the following portable equipments:  
They are 2 types of rentals:  INTERNAL (equipment kept on University premises) and EXTERNAL (equipment that is to be taken to events out of the University premises and which will probable be out more than one day).

Requesting Time: At least 1 week in advance.
Requirements: One of the assistants must fill out an electronic reservation form.
Returns: The same day of the event.

Request Time: At least 1 week in advance.
Requirements: Letter of Approval with the Information and Communication Technology Manager’s signature or from the corresponding Area Coordinator.  An assistant must fill out the electronic reservation form.
Returns: According to agreement.  It is very important to return this equipment within the time agreed, because depending on the timely return, other users may be able to use them.  If they are not returned on a timely basis, a notification shall be sent to the ICT Manager, who will decide what steps to take, which may include suspension of equipment rental.
The equipment must be returned in the same condition in which they were received. If the user finds any abnormalities while receiving the equipment, the equipment should be reported and stated on the control form to avoid confusions.  The person in charge may not accept any equipment not being returned in the same conditions as delivered and report this situation to the ICT Manager or the corresponding Coordinator who will be the person in charge of determining responsibility.

 Non – Portable Equipments

On some occasions, you may be able to request non portable equipments such as computers, for use within University premises.  These equipment are subject to availability since they are generally part of the laboratories, which indicate that planning will depend on if there are classes or not during the days of the event.  

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