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 Guidelines for the use of the Portable Laboratory

For best results and equipment security you must comply with the following procedures:

  • It is required to have a classroom reserved in the north isle on the 6th floor.  This request is made through the Administration, Academic Registry or Academic Assistance.
  • Follow up of the Mobile Laboratory Service requests which are found in the Users Help Center o send an e-mail to . These requests are made directly by the Professor or the Department Director Only. 
  • The Staff must request the reservation at the User’s Help area (located on the second floor) with 8 days in advance, availability will be verified and reservation will be made immediately.  Similarly, it must be indicated in the form what software will be needed, if Internet is needed, the amount of students, beginning and ending time of the class.  
  • On the reserved date, 15 minutes before the class begins, a Technology Services employee will take the cart to the classroom and will place all the portable computers in a determined area (in the classroom,) each with its corresponding UPS battery, organized in order for each student to take one and return to his/her seat.  This step will be done only and exclusively in the presence of the Professor who is responsible to receive the total amount of Portable computers (by signing a responsibility form).
  • During the class, the professor is responsible for the mobiles assigned to the class. 
  • 15 minutes before the class ends, a Technology Service employee will show up at the classroom and the professor will coordinate with his students to return the portables and chargers in the interior of the cart, in an orderly manner.  At the same time, the Technology Services employee along with the Professor, will physically count all portables/mobiles as well as the chargers (signing the return form).  
  • In the event that something wrong is found during this revision, it must be reported diligently in the “observations” block, in every form and then inform the immediate supervisor.
  • If it is required to install different software from the predetermined one, it is necessary that to include it in the service request with no less than 5 working days in advanced, with its corresponding licenses and means. 
  • At the end of the class the staff must wait for the arrival of the Technology Services personnel and sign the control document.
  • Under no circumstances, the equipment may be left unattended, in the reserved classroom.
  • About the cordless nets installations, you must comply with the guidelines specified for this point.  Please read all terms for the use of cordless networks.

Note: The staff will be responsible for the loss of the included equipment.   Similarly, the student using the portable will be held responsible for damages caused to the equipment.

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