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 Necessary Guidelines for the use of the Videoconferences Services

At the time of making a videoconferencia he is indispensable to consider a series of considerations with respect to the preparation, presentation and behavior. Next we presented/displayed the following recommendations:


1. Before of the Videoconference:

  • It must plan and try the presentation.
  • To become familiar with the equipment and the different means that will use (to scanner, retroproyector, video presentation, etc.).
  • To simulate with the greater possible fidelity the actual aspect.
  • To obtain that all the participants imply themselves.
  • To pay special attention to the time established for the presentation.
  • To foment the informal interaction between the different classrooms that participate in the videoconferencia.
    • To make an introduction personal.
    • Some jokes to break the ice.
  • To send with five days of anticipation to the videoconferencia the slides, etc... that is going to use.

2. During the Videoconference:

Oral level:

  • To speak clear and to try to maintain a volume constant.
  • To use often slows down to make some reflection.
  • To indicate clearly, when it has finished speaking and the retort is being expected, since it takes seconds in arriving at the destiny.

Visual level:

  • To avoid excessive movements or abrupt movements (the transmission of the images undergoes a certain delay, so that the movements seem to be slowed down). That is to say, the conference does not have to occur rising or walking by the classroom, although it does not have either to remain rigid "like a statue".
  • To maintain the graphs, images or any other type of material that we use during a period of longer time of the habitual thing. Not to move the graphs, transparencies, etc... once positioned. To avoid the use of images, graphs, etc... of low quality.
  • To go dress with clothes of little showy colors. It must try to dress in smooth and uniform tones, that do not present/display shining zones or with waters (like the velvet); he is advisable to avoid intense colors (red, white or black brilliant), clothes that present/display great resistances (white and black rays).
  • Also metallic adornments or other objects must be avoided as far as possible that can produce reflections.

3. How to maintain the attention.

Oral level:

  • To expose clearly each one of the areas of the subject.
  • To make constants summaries of each thematic unit.
  • To try to involve all the hearing (participation of the receivers of each one of the classrooms).
  • The person whom she loves to take part, in the first place must hope to that the camera it frame and approach, secondly must identify itself.

Visual level:

  • To use different means to attract the attention (transparencies, slides, video, etc.)
  • In case of being used graphical of bottom or transparencies, to try to expose them during a greater time and not to move them during the communication.

The recommendations of design of the projected graphical elements during the act, such as transparencies, etc., are the following ones:

  • Sources. The size of the sources must be sufficiently great as to be seen from any point of the room (a size superior to 28 in the model Times New is suggested Roman, Arial or Verdana) and to use clear colors. Bottom.
  • The color of bottom of projected documents must allow the correct visualization of the letters, graphs, images, or other elements. Preferably dark colors.
  • Distribution. He is not advisable to place text nor other additional elements of the document, like logotipos or pictures of graphs, in the right superior part of the same one, since they would be covered in case that it is required to create one second window of image in the presentation.
  • Not to use special effects, animations nor transitions in the slides.


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