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 Video Streaming and Video on Demand

 The Computer Communication Services of the UNIVERSIDAD LATINA, offers the university community video streaming service which allows:

  • DIRECT Retransmissions of events and lecture classes through the Internet.
  • DELAYED Retransmissions of said recorded events and classes through the Internet.
  • Edited Video Catalogues On Demand, and available to users, through the Internet.
What is Streaming?

Streaming is a new technology for Internet, which allows the efficient transmission of audio and video through the net without having to download files to the user’s computer hard disc. 
There are three types of Streaming:

  • Direct.- The images and sounds are digitalized and retransmitted in real time to Internet.  In these cases, the users may continue with the outcome of the event at the same time it is being produced.
  • Delayed.- The images and sounds proceed from a previously digitalized file and users may follow the event on a delayed basis.
  • On Demand.- The images and sounds proceed a digitalized filed and saved to the streaming Server, in order for users to request visualization through the Internet at any given time.
 Necessary Elements for Streaming Transmission

 In order to transmit an event through streaming, the following components are needed:

  • Codifier.- This element consists of a video which is converted into the said format through a video camera and corresponding codifying software.
  • Streaming Server.- Software in charge of the management of all users requests to access the video.
  • Reproducer.- Software in charge of reproduction of the files furnished to the streaming Server through the Internet.  The user must have the corresponding reproducer installed in his/her computer in order to receive videos from the server.  Information of those used by us, follow.
 Streaming Service at the LATINA UNIVERSITY

All the upcoming reserved events, with enough anticipation, can be retransmitted in direct and digitalized for future differed retransmission or under demand.     

We are currently in the testing period and we have small amount of audiovisual material.


To perform this activity we currently have the following equipment:

. For Video on Demand codification we have an Apple Mac G4 with Mac OS X 10.2 de 2 processors of 1 GHz, which converts the videos into QuickTime. For live Video Streaming we use the previously mentioned Mac with QuickTime Broadcaster combined with Darwing Streaming Server, we also have a PC Pentium 4 2.4GHz for codification used along with Windows Media Encoder.


Server. The Server is a Solaris with Darwing Streaming Server connected to the SAN

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